Sweet Words


Alex &Lee

“Working with Vienna was a dream. Poised, ultra-organized, and a joy to communicate with, she was always one step ahead. Vienna completely understood my vision for my wedding and she went above and beyond to make sure that it became a reality this past November. Throughout the planning process, I quickly began to consider Vienna a friend because of the genuine interest and care she showed. She remembered every important detail I shared with her and was extremely supportive as I faced the stressful and sensitive issues that come up for all brides and their families during the process. My mother passed away to cancer ten months before my wedding, so I was a particularly sensitive bride and Vienna was a true rock of support from start to finish.

The day-of coordination she offers includes so much more than packages offered by other Santa Barbara wedding coordinators (trust me, I interviewed quite a few!). I was free to email and call Vienna as much as I needed to, we met multiple times before the wedding, and she arrived at my venue long before I did in order to set-up, coordinate, and manage every aspect. The result was a seamless and beautiful wedding that both our guests, and my husband and I loved. We often remark to each other that the best wedding decision we made (after deciding to get married in the first place) was working with Vienna on our big day! I am so grateful to her for everything she did to make our wedding perfect for us.”    – Alex & Lee



Tim & Rachel

“From the start, Vienna was such an integral, calming, and reassuring component to making my dream wedding come to fruition. My now husband and I had originally chosen a venue that claimed to “take care of all of the details, big and small,” including rentals, vendors, catering, etc. We were thrilled to be working with such an all-inclusive and low-stress team. However, as the wedding quickly approached, it became clear that neither communication nor organization were this venue’s strengths. They were even resistant to allowing an outside wedding coordinator be involved in the planning process! I first called Vienna about a month and a half prior to the wedding date, panicked that the details were not coming together as smoothly or in as timely a manner as I had hoped, and explained the uniqueness of our situation to her. After our first phone conversation, I felt so much more at ease, and such relief that my excitement for the big day was finally renewed! Hearing Vienna’s confidence that she would be able to successfully work within the strict guidelines of the venue, I knew that my husband and I were making one of the smartest wedding-related decisions of all by hiring Vienna. From that point until the wedding day itself, Vienna worked tirelessly to facilitate communication between vendors, and conveying my wishes and overall vision to the owner of our wedding venue. She provided invaluable support, knowledge of budgeting and pricing details, tipping information, checklists, and made sure all responsibilities were appropriately delegated to the wedding party and both sides of our families. Most of all, she validated me every step of the way that I am not the only bride in history to feel like she was losing her mind trying to pull this big event together! My groom and I have had numerous conversations since our wedding day, and have both agreed that if we were to change any one thing, it would be to go back and hire Vienna much sooner than we actually did. Her professionalism and kindness allowed us to appreciate what the planning process is really about – the marriage itself! I have already recommended Vienna’s services to a few of my friends just beginning to get their feet wet in wedding planning, and I will continue to sing her praises forevermore. ” – Rachel & Tim